Back to blogging

Back in February, I wrote about Henry Miller’s “commandment” to himself to “work on one thing at a time until finished,” and, with a looming contractual deadline for the revised manuscript (typescript) of my book, I was doing that—at least with respect to my own writing.
I just recently finished revisions of my book manuscript, which is now in production with the publisher, Routledge. With the contractual deadline approaching, and with a fairly ambitious plan for revision, I dropped any work on writing blog posts. I didn’t actually work on only one thing at a time, because I did still have other stuff to do, but at least my efforts writing my own original material focused on the book manuscript.
But now that I’ve got the manuscript done, I’m turning back to writing blog posts. Before the hiatus, I had been writing one post each week, but as I come back I think I might aim at shorter and more frequent blog posts—instead of about 1,000 words per post, once a week, I’m going to explore the possibility of shorter, more frequent pieces. This post and the last have been more like 200 words than 1,000. I’m wondering what the ideal length for a blog post should be. What do you think?