Thought Clearing Coaching Services

The name “Thought Clearing” was chosen as an expression of what I do best: help others think clearly about their project. The ideas are what really matter in research and writing. Writing is a craft by which ideas are conveyed, and the effective presentation of ideas in words is certainly one of the difficulties that every writer faces. But putting ideas into words is not the only difficulty a writer faces. There is also, for example, the question of which ideas to pursue, on the large scale, and a slew of more detailed questions in the writing process, such as when, where, and how to get feedback or how to decide where to set limits on the work, and which limits. And then there are the emotional issues that commonly affect writers–that the work isn’t, and never will be, good enough; that it isn’t interesting; that it’s a bad project; that you, the writer, should be working on something else; that it’s too big and is overwhelming. There are also concerns for how to address and deal with different audiences, especially professors, editors, and other reviewers.

In my coaching and editing, my focus is on sorting out the ideas that you want to express from the many issues that might be interfering with your expression of those ideas.  It all starts with having a clear sense of your work, but that is complex, and separating out, and clearing up the many different concerns. If you are clear on your goals and on your context, you can more effectively prioritize your goals, focus your energies where they will be best rewarded, and get past or avoid obstacles.

If you’ve become stuck a dissertation, journal article, or book, I can help you develop an effective writing practice that supports a healthy productivity that will lead to completed projects. Writing well is a skill that develops with practice. As  coach, I help you develop an effective practice.

Breaking Writer’s Block and Developing a Good Writing Practice

If you’ve gotten stuck, getting moving again is difficult! Writer’s block can have many different causes, but it’s possible to develop a healthy relationship with writing. Writing projects are always going to be difficult in the sense that they demand your effort and attention, but they don’t have to be bad experiences. Indeed, by developing a good writing practice, you can discover why so many people like to write.

Dissertation Coaching

Dissertation writing is notoriously problematic, contributing to low completion rates (about 55% after ten years).  Applying thoughtclearing to your situation can help you make effective progress and move toward completion in a reasonable time. I’ve been helping doctoral candidates move past their difficulties to successful completion for over 15 years.

Publication Coaching

Getting a work published is difficult. From planning it to contacting a publisher, I can help you keep moving forward and keep producing better and better work.