Publication Coaching

If you’re trying to get a work ready for publication, you may feel very alone. You may have a lot of questions that you don’t know how to answer and a lot of doubts you’re uncertain how to address. From planning your work, to finding a suitable audience, to writing contact materials to editors or agents, to deciding when the work is ready, trying to prepare a work for publication is fraught with doubt, and it can be very useful to have some support and feedback to help you keep making progress toward your goals. Contact me for support and feedback!

Where will you get support and feedback for your work?  People in the publishing industry–agents, or editors at journals or publishing houses–are not going to give you support unless they think you have something really special. They’re only interested in you insofar as you serve their commercial purposes. Once they have an interest in you or your work, they may help, but before then? You don’t know them (probably) and it may feel intimidating to reach out to them. Especially if you’re uncertain whether your work is good enough. If you’re self-publishing, you don’t have agents, editors, or publishing houses to deal with, but that might make you feel even more alone.

As a publication coach, I can help you negotiate these concerns, to keep moving toward completion of your work, submission to suitable venues, and, hopefully, publication.  The coaching relationship can be flexible, but is best structured around regular interaction–whether live conversation or written exchange. What works best depends on your situation and needs.  Conversation is good for rapid exchange of ideas and for dealing with problems in the process of writing. Written feedback is good for critique of work and discussion of possible avenues of exploration. Some of both can keep you on track, making progress toward completion.