Manuscript Submitted!

This post is to celebrate submitting my revised book manuscript to the publisher.  Back in March, I received the reviews of the full manuscript and began revision.  The biggest problem, actually, was the fact that I had changed the title, and that change in title impacted more of the text than I had anticipated. Anyway, from late March through mid-July, I revised and rewrote, and hope that I made the darn thing better.  And now, it’s done!  It’s good to be able to celebrate one’s own accomplishments.  

Sometime in 2020, the book will be available. I’m hardly done with it—there are still going to be page proofs that need to be proofread, and there will be an index that I have to make.  But for the moment, at least, I can take a moment to celebrate.

It’s actually been about two weeks since I submitted, but with the manuscript revisions, I had gotten behind on a couple of other projects that I needed to finish.

It’s officially going to be Literature Review and Research Design: A Guide to Effective Research Practice, published by Routledge.